At Power of Change Foundation, Inc. (POC) we have the sole mission of creating positive change in the lives of underprivileged young adults in any way possible. Our goal is to help them achieve a brighter future in hopes of making the world a better place.






Sure, you may think that by this point these youth are over 18 years of age and thus should be able to shape their own future, to figure things out on their own. But, do you think you would have been able to abruptly face the world and become who you are today without any family to guide you and help you along the way? In San Diego County alone, every year there are nearly 300 youth who “age out” of foster care or shelters and have to face the abrupt transition from government-funded care to independence.



Why help underprivileged young adults?

Through our work with local San Diego County shelters, we discovered a tremendous unmet need. We found that young adults living in shelters, foster homes, or with adoptive parents, as well as those on probation, were were lacking many essential resources. In fact, there is a tremendous gap in community support services available to underprivileged young adults in San Diego, including services to assist in furnishing a first home, obtaining entrance to and payment for education, obtaining a driver’s license, as well as career training. Research shows that when compared with their peers, young people emerging from government-funded care are, on average: