Power of Change Foundation, Inc. (POC) empowers underprivileged youth as they transition out of homelessness, shelters and foster homes by providing the opportunities necessary to help them reach and sustain self-sufficiency.


Our Promise to the youth we serve, our employees, volunteers, our partners and donors:


We promise to:

-Practice Good Stewardship-

Be faithful and hard-working with the funds and responsibilities we have been given;


-Practice Humility-

Not be arrogant as we recognize that much of our success is rooted outside ourselves;


-Acknowledge Responsibility-

Take ownership of fixing the problem, not placing the blame;


-Recognize the Contribution of Others-

Share the stage with those who played a part in our success;


-Treat All People with Respect-

Acknowledge that every person has dignity and worth regardless of status or business affiliation.


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